How I Used Case Study #1 to Create Content for My Blog in Record Time

Apr 18, 2023

I watch it, I liked it, and I tried it!

Today, I want to share my experience of using the information from yesterday's Case Study #1 from, where Mike Filsaime demonstrated how he used AI and ChatGPT to summarize a webinar video and create compelling time-stamped based sales points.

I used the same steps today to summarize Case Study #2 for you and created a

  • Blog Post (this one)
  • Facebook Post Announcing the Blog
  • An email announcing the Blog

All within about 15 minutes.

Here is what I created using the tools from yesterday's Case Study


In this post, I will walk you through the steps Mike Filsaime took to accomplish this remarkable task using AI technology, which will soon be "baked" into the new By harnessing the power of AI, Mike was able to generate website content, including

copywriting, marketing materials, and SEO metadata, in a fraction of the time it would have taken manually. Not only did this save him valuable time and resources, but it also produced high-quality content tailored specifically for his business.

The Process:

Let's dive into Mike's process to create content in just 48 hours.


Step 1: Answer the 17 Key Questions

Mike started by "uploading the consciousness" of his business to the AI by answering 17 crucial questions about his company. These questions covered various aspects of his business, such as customer needs, pain points, and unique selling propositions. By providing this information, the AI was able to generate content that accurately reflected the essence of his business.

Step 2: Streamline the Process with Transcription

Instead of typing out his answers to the 17 questions, Mike recorded his responses using voice recording software. He then uploaded the recording to YouTube and used YouTube Transcript to generate a text version of his answers. This text was then fed into the AI, streamlining the process and saving even more time.

Step 3: Harness the Power of AI for Content Generation

With the information from the 17 questions, ChatGPT's powerful algorithms generated various types of content for Mike's website. This included blog posts, social media ads, video scripts, and website copy tailored to his business's specific needs and messaging.

Step 4: Create an Entire Website in 48 Hours

By following the steps outlined above, Mike was able to create an entire website for a virtual fitness marketplace, complete with copy, navigation, images, and structure, in just 48 hours. This impressive feat demonstrates the potential of AI-powered content creation and its ability to save time and resources.


As you can see, ChatGPT and AI have revolutionized the way we create content for our businesses. By answering a few key questions and harnessing the power of AI, we can generate high-quality, tailored content in a fraction of the time it would take manually. What is mind-blowing to me, is that all of this will be baked into the new, which is set to be released in September. If you haven't already, I encourage you to explore the benefits of for yourself and see the difference it can make in your content creation process.